How to Roll

1) 5HTP: This supplement is the direct precursor to serotonin which is the primary chemical used up in a roll. Avoid taking vitamin B6 up to two hours before or after taking the 5HTP. It comes in pill form or sub-lingual form. 5HTP in pill form can be taken just before a roll to make it stronger and the next day to minimize the aftereffects. It takes quite a while to absorb into your system and most of it is lost in your digestive track. 5HTP in sub-lingual form can be used like the pill form, but it is absorbed immediately and can also be taken during the roll to extend it's duration. A good place to get sub-lingual 5HTP is

2) You will not be hungry for at least four to six hours after taking the MDMA so it is important to eat a high energy meal before rolling. Long chain carbs are the best, which can be found in things like bread, pasta and cliff bars. Do make sure you eat at least an hour or two before dropping the pill so your stomach will be empty. If you take the roll on an empty stomach it will hit you in 30 to 45 minutes. If you take it with food it will hit you from 45 minutes to 3 hours later, which could mean you are just starting to roll when your friends are sobering up which kind of defeats the purpose of rolling with your friends.

3) Take 500mg to 1000mg if vitamin C before rolling plus a multivitamin. If the multivitamin has vitamin B6 remember not to mix it with the 5HTP. Vitamin B6 and 5HTP cancel each other's effects.

4) You will not be able to sleep for 6 to 8 hours after taking the roll. You also should get a full 8 hours sleep after you sober up. Plan accordingly.

5) MDMA has a cross tolerance and cross interaction with alcohol. If you have to take a lot of alcohol to get a buz you will need to take a lot of MDMA to roll. If you mix alcohol with MDMA it can have a wide range of unpleasant effects from extreme inebriation to paranoia. Keep the two separate.

6) Getting "good", non-adulterated pills is a subject too complex to cover in this document. Please refer to Dance Safe for more information.

7) Don't take too much. While the potency of pills varry wildly, as a rule of thumb, two should be enough for anyone.

8) Don't take too little. If you don't take enough your body will just process the extra serotonin into melatonin and you will fall asleep. As a rule of thumb, there's no point in taking less than one pill.

9) Don't take it too often. Taking MDMA too often will lead to low serotonin levels as well as a high tolerance. People who take MDMA too often first find themselves taking four, five or six pills to roll and soon after "give up" on rolling as it's "not what it used to be". Put at least four to six weeks in between your rolls to recover properly. If you notice your tolerance rising you will need to take a break for six months to totally restore your serotonin system.

10) Stay hydrated. While rolling you will need to drink more water than normal. Pay attention to your body, drink when thirsty. A large glass of water every hour should be enough.

11) Stay warm! While rolling you will be more susceptible to the cold. Being cold or uncomfortable will just sober you up.

12) Don't overheat. While rolling you will be more susceptible to heat. Don't dance for eight hours in a poorly ventilated 100 deg. warehouse without taking lots of cool down breaks.

13) Music really sets the mood while rolling. Listen to something good.

14) Toys are fun. All kinds of massager feel good. The smell of Vic's Vapor Rub can enhance the roll. Glow sticks and other light toys are fun to watch.

15) The day after you should feel really good, still filled with a warm happy glow, but perhaps a little tired and spacy. If you don't feel well the next day you need to try getting more sleep, taking more 5HTP, getting a good meal, and/or take some electrolytes like Emergen-C.

16) Have fun!


A) If you find that your jaw clenches when rolling you can reduce this by taking 500mg of magnesium and no calcium before hand. This will relax your muscles but make it harder to dance.

B) Some people find that taking Melatonin after sobering up will make them sleep deeper than normal, allowing them to be totally refreshed the next day.

C) Chewing your pills or emptying your gell caps will help the MDMA absorb into your system faster, but be careful - it tastes terrible!

D) People who smoke say that a cigarette is good for "kicking in" a roll.

E) If you ignore all this advice and just "take some E" you will still have a great time. You will however need to take more to get the same effect. You may feel like a wreck the next day, and you may be putting your health at risk.


Hour 01: Take Vitamin C plus a multivitimin.
Hour 02:
Hour 03: Eat a good meal
Hour 04: Take some 5HTP
Hour 05: Take your roll
Hour 06: Roll has fully kicked in
Hour 07:
Hour 08: Finish peaking
Hour 09: Take some sub-lingual 5HTP
Hour 10:
Hour 11:
Hour 12: Sober Up
Hour 13: Eat a good meal
Hour 14: Relax - Reflect on the experience
Hour 15:
Hour 16: Go to sleep
Hour 17:
Hour 18:
Hour 19:
Hour 20:
Hour 21:
Hour 22:
Hour 23:
Hour 24: Wake up - Take some 5HTP